Customised Silo Tanks

  • Individually dimensioned

  • Cooling tanks performed in stained steel and insulated on all sides

  • Ice-free with extra cooling surfaces

  • Large manhole access 

The construction of milk silos is one of RØ-KA’s core competences, and we therefore offer some of the best solutions on the market. As one of Europe’s largest producers, you are guaranteed quality as well as the option of individual dimensioning of most tank sizes for use with iced water or refrigerant based cooling systems.

Individually dimensioned

10-40.000 liter with Ø3.000 mm or 5-24.000 liter with Ø2.300 mm


  • A special feature of RØ-KA silo tanks is, that they are isolated in the sides and on the top with 100 mm PU foam + 250 mm at the bottom

  • All tanks are thermographically inspected to ensure flawless insulation


  • The silos can be connected to cooling systems based on iced water or refrigerant and the tank is available with refrigerated inlet and outlet to customer specifications

  • Laser welded cooling surface/evaporator for direct cooling with freon or R290 Propane

  • Cooling effect at the bottom at -10 degrees: 22 KW

  • Cooling effect in the sides at -10 degrees: 11/22 KW (small/large evaporator)

  • Cooling on outlet tube (over 1 m)

  • Documented cooling test ex-factory

Other features

  • Large manhole (532x432 mm)

  • Air outlet 114 mm

  • Agitator motor 1.1 KW at 25 rpm

  • 3” outlet tube for milk,


*RØ-KA Silo Tanks are insulated with PU foam in the sides and top. A special RØ-KA feature!

Cooling/refrigeration unit


Constant low temperature is crucial if milk quality is to be assured. RØ-KA silo tanks are therefore ice-free with cooling elements on their bottom and sides.



All RØ-KA silo tanks are full foam insulated with PU foam in sides, top and bottom. This ensures optimum, condensation-free insulation and reduces electricity requirements for refrigeration.

Refrigerated inlet/outlet


RØ-KA silo tanks can be custom built to customer specifications with refrigerated inlet and outlet or prepared for robotic milking.