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Welcome to RØ-KA

Leaders in Milk Cooling Equipment


About RØ-KA


RØ-KA Industri has for many years accumulated valuable know-how and expertise in the production of bulk milk tanks

The factory, which was founded in 1950, began production of the first generation of RØ-KA bulk milk tanks in 1967, and is today a well-known supplier to quality-conscious dairy farmers in many countries. 

RØ-KA is renowned for high quality craftsmanship and the possibility of individual sizing of most tank dimensions.

RØ-KA exports a large number of tanks, and sales are supported by service teams in all countries. Besides standard bulk milk tanks, our product range includes silo tanks, iced-water cooling and heat recovery systems as well as refrigerated tanks for other liquids, blood for instance. 

RØ-KA tanks can be connected to refrigeration units that use alternative refrigerants such as ammonia or iced water, and can be supplied with electric equipment as required. 


Contact Us

Kim Levandowski
CEO, Sales
Phone (+45) 29 16 13 09

Ole Sindberg
Export Sales
Phone (+45) 20 27 56 64

Jack Levandowski

Per Evald
Warehouse Sales and returns
Phone (
+45) 29 16 43 83

Niels Erik Rudebeck
Technical support
Phone (
+45) 29 12 96 60

Phone (
+45) 24 42 26 31

Ove Jensen
Warehouse and Service
Phone (
+45) 22 40 24 90

RØ-KA Industry
Industrivej 12
DK-6630 Rødding
Phone (+45) 74 25 25 90