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RØ-KA Industri A/S is located in southern Denmark and has produced and sold equipment for cooling milk since the late 1960s. RØ-KA’s equipment is characterized by high quality and the possibility of individual sizing of the large tank types.

RØ-KA is a major exporter of milk cooling equipment to customers in many countries in the World. In all countries our products are backed by a service team. In addition to standard cooling tanks our program includes silo tanks, ice water cooling, heat recovery and tanks for cooling of other fluids such as blood, cream and fruit products.

RØ-KA tanks can be connected to the cooling equipment with alternative refrigerants such as ammonia and ice water. Our tanks are  supplied with electrical equipment tailored to each country’s electricity system.

We deliver to the whole world!

Specializing in quality

6000m2 of production facilities, export to more than 30 countries and thousands of cooling tanks for all types of farming. That is the result after more than 50 years of residency for RØ-KA in Rødding, Southern Denmark.

Silo tanks

We produce different types of silo tanks. From the smaller of 5,000 liters to the large silos of 40,000 liters.

Silos a one of our core competencies with high quality and technical features.

Kontakt information

If you are interested in any of our products and want to know more please feel free to contact us here:

RØ-KA Industry
Industrivej 12
DK-6630 Rødding

Phone +4574252590, mobile +45  29 16 13 09